Ray N DuFour Room 3100
Tele: 936-709-2000
Email: rdufour@conroeisd.net

We always emphasize the positive behaviors that we would like to see in the classroom and the following rules are written accordingly to help the students understand how they should act.  Our ultimate goal is to teach the students socially acceptable behaviors and that parents will support our efforts by having discussions with their child on a regular basis about how to act in school, family and community settings.

Mr. DuFour’s Class Schedule 2016-2017

1st Period:  Science
2nd Period: Science
3rd Period:  PE
4th Period: Science
5th Period:  Conference and Planning Period
6th Period:  Math
7th Period:   Math

Classroom Expectations
1. Students will be on time and prepared for learning every day.
2. Students will respond appropriately to staff member directives.
3. Students will strive for success and work to their full potential.
4. Students will use work time appropriately.
5. Students will demonstrate respect for people, property, and themselves.
Consequences: 1. A prompt, glance or other reminder will be given to the student.
2. A verbal warning issued to the student and change in teacher’s or student’s location.
3. Quick conference and problem-solving process.
4. Parent/guardian will be notified by teacher.
5. In Class Detention will be given. Parent/guardian will also be notified by teacher.
6. Principal will be notified.
Classroom Rules
1.  We always tell the truth.
2.  We treat each other with respect, we cooperate and share.
3. We always stay awake.
4.  We help each other.
5.  We try do our best.